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Liberal arts education from Latin liberalis "free" and ars "art or principled practice" is the traditional program of education in Western higher education. Its central academic disciplines include physics, biology, philosophy, logic, linguistics, literature, history, political science, psychology, and mathematics. Liberal arts education can refer to studies in a liberal arts degree program or to a university education more generally. Such a course of study contrasts with those that are principally vocationalprofessional, or technical.

The liberal arts Latin: artes liberalesalso known as the seven liberal arts the trivium and quadrivium combinedwere originally those subjects or skills that in classical antiquity were considered essential for a free person liberalis"worthy of a free person" [2] to acquire in order to take an active part in civic life, something that for ancient Greece included among other things participating in public debate, defending oneself in court, serving on juries, and participating in military service.

Grammarlogicand rhetoric were the core liberal arts the triviumwhile arithmeticgeometrymusicand astronomy were the following stage of education the quadrivium. Rooted in the basic curriculum — the enkuklios paideia or "education in a circle" — of late Classical and Hellenistic Greecethe "liberal arts" or "liberal pursuits" Latin liberalia studia were already so called in formal education during the Roman Empire.

The first recorded use of the term "liberal arts" artes liberales occurs in De Inventione by Marcus Tullius Cicerobut it is unclear if he created the term.

The four 'scientific' artes — music, arithmetic, geometry and astronomy or astrology — were known from the time of Boethius onwards as the quadrivium. After the 9th century, the remaining three arts of the ' humanities ' — grammar, logic, and rhetoric — were grouped as the trivium.

In the 12th century the iconic image — Philosophia et septem artes liberales — or Philosophy and seven liberal arts was produced by Alsatian nun and abbess Herrad of Landsberg with her community of women as part of the Hortus deliciarum. In the Renaissancethe Italian humanists and their Northern counterparts, despite in many respects continuing the traditions of the Middle Ages, reversed that process.

Similarly, Wilhelm von Humboldt 's educational model in Prussia now Germanywhich later became the role model for higher education also in North America, went beyond vocational training.

In a letter to the Prussian king, he wrote:. There are undeniably certain kinds of knowledge that must be of a general nature and, more importantly, a certain cultivation of the mind and character that nobody can afford to be without.

People obviously cannot be good craftworkers, merchants, soldiers or businessmen unless, regardless of their occupation, they are good, upstanding and — according to their condition — well-informed human beings and citizens. If this basis is laid through schooling, vocational skills are easily acquired later on, and a person is always free to move from one occupation to another, as so often happens in life.

The modern use of the term liberal arts consists of four areas: the natural sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. Academic areas that are associated with the term liberal arts include:. For example, the core courses for Georgetown University's Doctor of Liberal Studies program [21] cover philosophy, theology, history, art, literature, and the social sciences.

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Wesleyan University 's Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program includes courses in visual arts, art history, creative and professional writing, literature, history, mathematics, film, government, education, biology, psychology, and astronomy. Liberal arts education at the secondary school level prepares students for higher education at a university. Curricula differ from school to school, but generally include languagemathematicsinformaticsphysicschemistrybiologygeographyartmusic, history, philosophy, civics[23] social sciencesand foreign languages.

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Arts: Literature and Linguistics

ISSN Print: Frequency: Bimonthly. Latest Articles. An Interpretation of To the lighthouse from the Perspective of Ecofeminism. Lei Zhu, Fangting Shen. PDF KB.

arts, literature & linguistics

Jing Zhou. Xuejuan Gong. Baoliang Peng.At Cedarville, you will study linguistics through theoretical and practical coursework with practical concentrations that will prepare you for a vocation related to language and culture, including civil service, missions including language learning, Bible translation, and literacyor international business.

Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics

The program in linguistics combines theoretical exploration of language with practical application. The choice of concentration area provides students with vocational preparation in fields such as computer science, information technology, cultural studies, education, writing, or teaching English as a second language.

Your program will be taught from a biblical worldview, using biblical principles that undergird language work as a unique competence of human behavior. You will be well prepared for further studies to prepare you for work in the U. Additionally, a B.

You will have multiple opportunities during your four-year program of study to increase proficiency in a language other than your native language, to see linguists in action, to participate in research, and to develop, practice, and hone skills related to languages. You will conclude your coursework by designing language-related research and writing a publishable paper.

You will have an opportunity to gain real-world experience during an internship traveling overseas to teach English or conduct language surveys. You can join one of our student organizations that combine social interaction and language-related events. The Department of English, Literature, and Modern Languages inspires students to observe well, think well, and write well. Graduates from Cedarville's English, Literature, and Modern Languages Department share how their degrees have prepared them for their chosen career and to serve others.

Arts: Literature and Linguistics

Hands-on training is possible through overseas internships and local work with immigrants and refugees. Cedarville can give you the tools and perspectives you will need to minister in a variety of cultural contexts, whether in the U. Funds raised will be used for scholarships and emergency support for students and their families facing financial hardship because of the coronavirus.

Cedarville University President Dr. Thomas White announced this morning the university will teach online for the remainder of the semester. Building on your core liberal arts and Bible minor courses, you will take a combination of courses from the linguistics core, language study, and courses from your chosen concentration area. About the B. Study Abroad Hands-on training is possible through overseas internships and local work with immigrants and refugees.

Ubc lfs

CUGiveHope Day Will Help Families Impacted by the Pandemic Funds raised will be used for scholarships and emergency support for students and their families facing financial hardship because of the coronavirus. Louise Grandouiller, M. Annis Shaver, Ph. Department of English, Literature, and Modern Languages.

This major is offered with a bachelor's-to-master's accelerated completion plan.The Annual International Conference for Language, Literature, and Linguistics L3a premiere in the field of Academic Research Conference will examine the various issues and factors that intervene at the interface of language and literature, technology and the Digital Humanities, not least, the diverse cultural context s in which all of these are situated.

The Annual International Conference for Language, Literature and Linguistics L3a premiere in the field of Academic Research Conference will examine the various issues and factors that intervene at the interface of language and literature, technology and the Digital Humanities, not least, the diverse cultural context s in which all of these are situated.

A minimum of three papers centering on a specific topic will be accepted for submission under Panel Category. Add Conferences. Singapore, Singapore. Important Dates Abstract Submission Deadline. Submission System. Registration System. Follow L3 Dont miss out on any updates! Follow this conference. Keep Up to Date with PaperCrowd. Twitter LinkedIn. PaperCrowd is powered by the research community. All rights reserved. Error - Internal Error. Add User. Add Website. Add Deadline.

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arts, literature & linguistics

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Clarivate Analytics Canada and Hong Kong.The aspects of literature of most interest to linguists have included the ways in which language cues the structuring of texts particularly narrativesthe indirect meanings such as irony or metaphor characteristic of verbal art, and the types of repetition seen in parallelism and in rhyme and alliteration. The most intensive theoretical work has been devoted to poetic meter, the counting-and-rhythmic patterns seen in many kinds of verse.

The modern study of the language of literature begins with Russian formalism that appeared in the early 20th century and as described in Erlichwith Jakobson and Jakobson providing continuity from that period up to recent times, and that connects also with the structuralist tradition in literary studies as described in Culler The study of universals in the language of literature is discussed in Hoganwhile the history of a specific but large tradition is exemplified in Watkins Banti and Giannattasio and Fabb summarize a range of linguistic approaches to different kinds of literature.

Banti, George, and Francesco Giannattasio. In A companion to linguistic anthropology. Edited by Alessandro Duranti, — Malden, MA: Blackwell. A compact, illustrated overview of a large number of poetic traditions that emphasizes, in particular, the role of music in shaping poetry and placing relatively little emphasis on the line or other forms of segmentation. Culler, Jonathan. Structuralist poetics: Structuralism, linguistics and the study of literature.

London: Routledge. Originally published in Draws on Parisian structuralism, Russian formalism, and American linguistic theory; a very influential book on literary theory.

Erlich, Victor. Russian formalism: History, doctrine. The Hague: Mouton. Fabb, Nigel. Linguistics and literature: Language in the verbal arts of the world. Oxford: Blackwell. Overview, with exercises, of published work on metrics, sound patterning, parallelism, narrative, performance, and metaphor interpretation, with examples drawn from more than one hundred literatures. Hogan, Patrick Colm. Literary universals. Poetics Today DOI: Discusses the problem of identifying universals in verbal art, with specific discussion of sound patterning and the length of lines.

Jakobson, Roman. Closing statement: Linguistics and poetics. In Style in language.

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Edited by T. Sebeok, — Foundational article of modern literary linguistics, wide-ranging in data, arguing that the poetic function is performed by texts that draw attention to their own form, and that parallelism is the fundamental formal practice incorporating meter and sound patterning.

Reprinted in Jakobson Language in literature. Edited by Krystyna Pomorska and Stephen Rudy. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Univ. Watkins, C. How to kill a dragon: Aspects of Indo-European poetics. Oxford: Oxford Univ.Journal published by Mulawarman University.

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CaLLs welcome articles and research reports that study culture from an interdisciplinary perspective. Language English 15 Bahasa Indonesia Date All time 30 Since 21 Custom range Country Indonesia 11 Afghanistan 1 Malaysia 1 Nigeria 1.

Anjar Dwi Astuti. African literature has strong relation with colonialism, not only because they had ever been colonized but also because of civil war. Civil Peacea short story written by Chinua Achebe, tells This study is an attempt to address the issue of how extensive reading ER as a supplementary reading approach is able to encourage students' critical literacy. Further, how ER influences students' p Colophon Download.

Admin Jurnal. No abstract available. This study discussed the use of code-switching among the late adolescents in social media Facebook. The purpose of the research was to know the types of code-switching used among the late adolescents Asril Gunawan. Pa'rawana and sayyang pattuddu music are ones of the traditional arts owned by Mandar tribe.

These are very popular and always presented every year, especially at khatam Qur'an ceremony. The performan Pampang is a cultural tourism village in Samarinda, East Kalimantan.

arts, literature & linguistics

Most of Pampang's people do the art activities. Every Sunday at Satyawati Surya. This study is concerned on the notion of using Task-Based Learning for teaching English Integrated Skills to the students of the first semester of English Department, Mulawarman University.

In fact, m The Hajj is the fifth in pillars of Islam which has special meaning for Moslem in Indonesia, especially in Samarinda. Cultures in Samarinda surely influences the large numbers of hajj applicants in th Rusydi Ahmad. The purpose of this Mursalim Mursalim.

Indonesia has the wealth and diversity of the nation as the population of approximately million, ethnic and regional languages, religions, diverse cultures, diverse customs and customs, and a wide Alfian Rokhmansyah. This study was focused on the comparison of view of life between the main character in the novel Perempuan di Titik Nol by Nawal el-Saadawi and the novel Tuhan, Izinkan Aku Menjadi Pelacur!

Ali Kusno. Anxiety is considered having negative effects for most students in learning foreign language, especially English. It has attracted researchers' attention to do the investigation on foreign language an Donald Morgan.

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